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Hello World:

Welcome to my blog. I hope that this week's post will provide you with enough information to make the cut into your blog roll, Facebook Share or Like, Tweet, E-mail, or if it really moves you, something over the top like connecting your computer to a big screen television and presenting my message to the world… OK, so I'll cut the jokes out and keep my job as a stylist. Basically, any form of spreading the word is appreciated if you get half as excited about the new trends in hair this month as I am. Here are the two that I'm most excited about.

Peek-a-Boo Highlights: You've seen it… a brunette with brassy blonde streaks or a redhead with highlighter-resembling marks, or even blonde gone wrong with bright white patches. Trust me, I'm not one to point it out, and thanks to this new technique, those looks have not happened in my chair. Case in point: shimmery highlights that don't risk that "highlighted" look are possible with this new technique. Staying away from the hairline, carefully placed color brightens and complements your current color without overpowering it. It's naturally beautiful, which is always better if you currently love your hair color and just want a little bit of a change or color boost. Kim Kardashian's hair in this picture is a good example of this technique. 

An oldie but a goodie, "ombré": We've been talking about it for while now,but when it first came out, it was natural's antithesis. Black on the top and blonde on the bottom, it was really that drastic. See this picture of Ashley Simpson, for example:

What has me excited about it now is that the trend has evolved into a sun-kissed look instead of grown-out-highlights style. I have given many brunettes a touch of the caramel blonde that they have wanted for years but been afraid to fully commit to. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants a gradual transition, and the moment it gets boring, there is no limit to the contrast that we can create from hairline to roots. 

My favorite example of this style is Mila Kunis:

I am looking forward to sharing the current trends in hair and other useful bits of information learned the hard way by me… and, hopefully, made into a fun, bi-weekly blog for you

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I'm looking forward to sharing the ever-changing trends with you.