Tote the Rescue!

Working both in a salon and doing house/hotel calls, I am used to hauling all my hair tools with me whenever I work as I never know what unexpected situations I may encounter and I don't want to be without THE tool or product that I need to do the job. I use a traditional style, professional train case that holds a LOT of stuff. While these cases hold a lot of products, they can be unwieldy for home use. But I know some of you have a LOT of hair care products and tools, and that they are taking over your bathrooms!


So, I found a style of tote that is here to rescue you. They're made by Stilazzi and sold at Frends, a terrific LA beauty supply store that caters to the industry but is open to the public.  Even though they are designed for professionals working on set, a "set" bag is a great way for the hair-conscious woman to organize all of her hair styling accoutrements conveniently in a small space.


I have a client who is using one of these now and she cannot believe how much easier it has made her morning routine. Instead of going back and forth to her linen closet for this brush or that thermal protector, or fumbling with an armload of products, she just grabs the bag from the closet, puts it near the mirror, has everything at the ready, and just does her hair. She swears that it saves her at least 5 minutes of fumbling every morning, and she no longer has hair products strewn all over the bathroom! She says it's a great feeling to come home to a clean bathroom that looks like a bathroom instead of a hurricane.


Set bags come in clear vinyl or black–while the clear vinyl is great to see everything, if you are going to put your curling/flat iron in the bag, I recommend that you go for the black bag instead since you don't risk any melting.


Now, go have a great hair day!

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