Look Hot while keeping your Cool

With Spring just getting underway, the decrease in stress following Tax Day is like an appetizer, a little preview, if you will, of the more carefree days of Summer that await.  Even in year-round temperate Los Angeles, warmer months and increased daylight often mean more casual dress, less "done" hair, and more natural-looking makeup. At least that is the ideal, but the reality is that looking effortlessly chic can take a lot of work. Sigh.


I can't make ALL the work go away, but I have found a beauty product that will lessen one of the most annoying warm weather makeup mishaps, namely, keeping your make up ON your face, not looking oily and not having to powder or frequently retouch. Enter Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish with Microsponge Technology! Here are the claims that the manufacturer, Paula's Choice, makes about the product:


  • Controls oil & minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Clinically proven to keep skin perfectly matte for at least 6 hours
  • Unique MICROSPONGE® Technology keeps oily shine in check
  • Leaves silky, powder-soft finish
  • Smooths minor skin imperfections
  • Increases makeup's staying power
  • 100% fragrance-free and contains no dyes or coloring agents



The great thing here is that the claims are actually true and this product does as it promises. Ideal for use on "oily" or "combination" skin all year long, in the summer this product becomes a must-have for all but the driest skin types. Use it in your T-zone if that is the only problem area for you, or all over if your makeup tends to liquefy and slide off.


Honestly, in my opinion this is the best product of its kind on the market–there are many others that claim to do the same thing but either they just don't work, are just "meh", or they work fine but have unnecessary ingredients (fragrance, including masking fragrance) or the latest "miracle" ingredient that in reality does nothing for your face but empties your wallet a little because of the overblown marketing claims or is just a poor value because it costs too much for the measly amount in the tube. Shine Stopper is regularly priced at $21.95 for 1 fl oz. but it is currently on sale for $17.56, though I don't know how long the sale price will last. They also sell a sample size for $0.80 if you prefer to try before you buy. Either way, it's a beautiful solution for carefree makeup that lets YOU shine, instead of your face!


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