Celebrity Hairstyle Simplified: How To Get Stacey Keibler’s Glamorous Hair


Celebrity Hairstyle Simplified: How To Get Stacey Keibler’s Glamorous Hair


Last week, we gave the Best Down Do Award to Stacy Keibler for her Grade A Academy

Awards Style. Stacy Keibler’s simple style with a twist had heads turning on the red

carpet in an otherwise over-saturated hairstyle choice of full-on fancy updos or a simple

long style. See Keibler’s gorgeous face-framing style and a simple back twist below. It

was popular with you, too. So here is how to do it, step-by-step. Rock it on a night out, or

soften it for a weekend getaway.


Step by Step to the Glamorous Stacey Keibler Do:


1. Hair Prep: completely wash hair and condition only the ends. Oily roots will weigh this

look down.

2. Before blow-drying, in lieu of a conditioner, choose a root lifting product to spray at

the roots and lightweight mousse to brush all throughout the ends. Part your hair to the


3. Use a round brush and polish the ends during the last ten minutes of your blow -ry.

Styling tip: Blow-dry your hair upside down to get more volume/body.

3. Set your hair in hot rollers that are about 1 inch -1.5 in size. Most importantly, DO

NOT release the rollers until they are completely cooled down, or your curls won't last.

4. After the taking out the rollers, run your fingers through some of the curls to break

them up and give the hairstyle a softer look.

5. Section a medium-sized diagonal section in the back from one side of your hairline

and sweep it over to the other side. Twist inward as you get to the other side, and secure

with small bobby pins, and tuck underneath the hair so no one can see it! Make sure to

criss-cross your bobby pins, as they stay in place better that way. Insider tip: use a mirror

behind you and in front of you to help you with this part so that it doesn’t get out of hand.


Voila, you're done! I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am expecting to see this look

recreated many times over, and hope that my readers are able to after reading this step-

by-step guide. Until next time, happy styling!



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