My Picks for Best Hair at the Oscars 2012

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Oscar-themed Hairstyle Awards

The Academy Awards is the perfect time for actresses to shine, and they often do. From a

gorgeous designer gown to beautiful hair, it’s a night showcasing talent and style. While

many lists have gone over the best and worst dressed, in my blog, I wanted to take the

chance to give out my own awards for what I think is really the most important accessory

to any look: an outstanding hairstyle. Several celebrity starlets deserve awards in several

categories: So please wait while I open the envelope.

Best Bangs

With a short, sleek style and sleek bangs to match, Rose Byrne wears them very well,

helped by the fact that she has the perfect face shape for this off-to-the-side-side

part. Even though it’s a down hairdo, it’s so polished and classy. For single-handedly

redeeming bangs, Rose Byrne gets this award. Stunning.

Best Curls

Penelope Cruz has been turning to the retro look a lot lately. It works. It looks classy

and polished, especially with her shorter length. Most of the time, we are used to

seeing this look worn with long hair. A perfect example of that is when Megan Fox did

it. But the fact that it’s more true to the decade it came from makes it more original.

Because ‘timeless’, ‘classic’ and ‘gorgeous’ are words you want to be used when others

are describing your look when you go to such a prestigious event as the Oscars, Penelope

wins for these sophisticated curls.

Best Updo

Emma Stone’s statement red gown and red hair could have been overdone, but instead,

she paired it with a polished updo that made her stand out from the A-List crowd. It’s

shiny and it’s tight and neat, without looking wound-up and hair sprayed to high heaven

(frequent offenders of those faults in updos have been J-Lo and Kim Kardasian, sorry to

say). Simple in the back and pinned up with curls, her style is the kind that you want to

have when you are accepting an award like an Oscar. She certainly wins our best updo


Best Down Do

Wearing hair down to an event like the Oscars can backfire very easily, especially when

the down do is simple. So, this is award winner is a shocker because her style looks so

simple, but the back is done very creatively. Stacy Keibler turned heads all night with

a gorgeous face-framing style and a simple back twist. It is such a simple little switch-

up that you would never think to do it, but when done artistically, it looks amazing. I am

expecting to see this look recreated time and again, so Keibler takes this award hands

down. Beautiful.

Best Short Hair


Really short hair seems to be the antithesis of Hollywood glamour these days, but don’t

tell that to Michelle Williams. Williams wins this award because she looks absolutely

supermodel-like with her short blond locks that framed her perfect, glowing complexion.

For rocking the ultra-short ‘do and still looking absolutely stunning, she wins the award.

It was hard to cut the categories off there, but I could keep handing out awards until the

next Oscars are handed out. What do you think of my picks, is there anyone you would

have chosen for a category instead? As my picks are subjective, I’d love to hear your

thoughts. Also, are there any of the styles that you would wear? The one that I get the

most requests for, I will create a step-by-step how-to for you so that you can recreate the

look yourself.

Until then, happy hair styling!


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