The DL on Brazilian Blowout Zero: Organic and Environmentally Safe Alternatives


The DL on Brazilian Blowout Zero:

Organic and Environmentally Safe Alternatives


It's no secret that there is a stigma against the Brazilian Blowout line of products.

The stigma revolves around the brands that use different chemicals traditionally

used to make it work (formaldehyde’s link to cancer is a big one), but I've noticed

that many brands have done a recent revamp to transform the hair without using

such harsh chemicals. From Chi Enviro 'American Smoothing Treatment', to QOD

Organiq and Brazillian Blowout Zero and other brands claiming to be new and

improved, hair straightening techniques have been revolutionized.


As with all new products, there are pros and cons. But before I go there, I want to

let you know that all of the products below use alternatives that effectively coat the

hair. Different brands use different chemicals to activate, and while I love that there

aren't any harmful ingredients (including any aldehyde family chemicals), these new

treatments definitely have a flip side. I could spend days explaining each treatment,

so feel free to browse each one on their websites.


My suggestions:

Brazilian Blowout Zero

Chi Enviro 'American Smoothing Treatment'

QOD Organiq



No matter which system you use, there are major pros and cons to the new line of



Pros: Just like the Brazilian Blowout Zero's plant-derived Kerasafe Bonding System,

all alternative products do effectively deposit and seal essential amino acids onto

the hair, providing a smooth, radiant and frizz-free surface for up to 12 weeks. I love

that it's formaldehyde free, all natural and organic.


Cons: As with all chemical alternatives to formaldehyde, there is just no

comparison to the original, harmful chemical. I hate to admit that. And honestly, ‘up

to 12 weeks’ is a rare occurrence for these new alternatives. While they do provide

a good conditioning protein treatment, they don't have the same luster. It explains

why there is still a demand for the old ones, especially if you need straightening

power on hair that isn't straight already..


In short, I simply cannot choose between the two for my clients, as it is a personal

choice over chemical use and desired result. One thing I will say is that I've been

noticing that Japanese straightening is coming back as well, but with less harsh

formulas. Be on the lookout for that in an upcoming blog. Until then, happy hair

straightening, and if you need help, you know where to find me.



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  1. Hi, I have extremely curly, thick, & frizzy hair.  I am wavering between doing e Brazilian Zero or the Chi enviro.  Do you have any comparisons of the two or recommendations.  Thanks so much for any help !

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