Three Resolutions for the New Year: Try Something Different and Love the Results

Three Resolutions for the New Year:

Try Something Different and Love the Results

We all know what our resolutions are. I have to admit, mine always include more gym time, less procrastination, and a better perspective on the things that I am grateful for. While these things fluctuate, I feel refreshed when I set out to do them, resolved to live my life as fully as possible. Because a big part of my passion for life is my profession, which includes hair, I thought of a few easy ways to help you resolve to avoid a lackluster mane while you’re making a difference in the other areas of your life. My goals are very manageable, I promise, so, say it with me:

This year I resolve that my hair will be…

Frizz Free and Softer:

The weather is against our hair. It is. Whether too dry or too humid, the climate is almost never ideal. Luckily, there are plenty of good shields. Product wise, I love glosses. Now, I know people don't always love glosses, but it works so well as long as you use it on only your ends. There are lighter and heavier glosses, so be sure to only use a heavier one if you have thick hair. Thick hair is often confused for a lot of hair, but you can have a ton of hair that is really fine. Define which category your hair falls under, whether fine or thick, and apply accordingly.

Protected from Fading: 

There is only one solution to preventing color fading, and that is the use of more color. No matter what your conditioner bottle tells you, color fades. Color gloss is your best option. It's not high maintenance like you think, either. Redken’s Shades EQ is the best, and is a professional line. Yes, this might be a tad bit of self-promotion, but I am your link to getting Shades EQ with my license. I've tried other commercial lines, and they're honestly just not the same. 

Safe from Split Ends:

There is a misconception that split ends are the result of a lack of trims, but the real culprit is that you need to use some kind of protection when you use heated styling products, like a flat iron. I have seen many people smooth the same piece used over, and I have advised them that it doesn’t work well. Month after month, split ends get worse if you continue that habit. Use a leave-in conditioner, or at least a heat protectant. 

My recommended leave-in conditioner is It’s a 10: Shine Miracle Spray ($15), or a heat protectant in the form of Paul Mitchell Hot off The Press ($18).

Happy styling and Happy New Year!


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