‘On The Go’ Fix: Bad Hair and Makeup During the Holidays


'On The Go' Fix: Bad Hair and Makeup During the Holidays

Last Minute Style Saves: Car Edition


I often get asked about what to do when the occasional bad hair or makeup day strikes. Ideally, you'd have time to start over with a shower. But, that's rarely the case, especially if this sounds familiar: you have a full list of things to do, places to go, people to see, and you look into your car mirror to see that your hair is unruly and your makeup is smudged or non-existent after a long day. What do you do?! Here are the key solutions to common last-minute problems.


Problem: Oily Hair

Solution: A simple side-braid or twist. 


This style is simple. The only things you need are a few bobby pins and a scrunchy that is close to the color of your hair. Since the problem is your oily roots, simply part your hair to on side, then braid across, and pin the braid slightly behind your ear using two bobby pins in a criss-cross. For a glamorous undo, twist your hair into a lower bun using the scrunchy and a few bobby pins for strays. Braids a little too complicated? Simply twist your hair to the side, and it's just as pretty! The best part? Imperfection is just as pretty with this style! Check out three different version of this style, worn by Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore and Nicole Riche.






Problem: Melted day makeup, a dinner awaits, and your eye liner pencil is broken!

Solution: Creative use of a few simple makeup favorites.


It's amazing what a little bit of lipstick and mascara can do. With lipstick, you have a two-in-one fix. Simply mix in a generous dab of concealer with your lipstick and rub it into the apples of your cheeks, and bam!, instant blush. Now, back to that broken pencil eyeliner… it might even be a blessing in disguise that it's not sharpened. For a smokey eye look, simply tap the pencil against your eyelash line, starting on the outside of your lid and moving about 3/4 of the way in. Feeling dramatic? Smudge a little below your eyes, too, but be sparing with it. No pencil? Use a little eyeshadow and wet a little makeup brush or Q-tip, and do the same dabs on your lash line. A celebrity who perfects the smokey eye is Beyonce, see below.