Seventy-Two Hour Style Stay: Three Long Days, Three Hair Saves


We've all had that glorious moment of looking into the mirror and seeing the  reflection of a perfectly tame and gorgeous head of hair. Whether you woke up with it or worked hard for it, your goal is the same: to keep your hair's style for as long as possible. Then you remember a whole list of perfect hairstyle threateners: you have your brisk walk to work, your yoga class, and three full days of plans with no time to start over for a nice hairstyle. 

For those three, non-stop days, here are three style saves:

Keeping Your Hairstyle in Place While Working Out:

Working out can be… well, a lot of work, and ponytails can be the absolute arch nemesis for healthy hair. Whether you have yoga class or a long jog ahead of you, not only can a simple hair change keep your style in place, but it can even wave your hair for you. 

For curling-iron type hair, consider this ponytail alternative the next time you work out, or even have a long shift at work and need a quick undo:  part your hair down the middle in the back of your head, making two pigtails. Twirl the two sections into buns and secure them together with some kind of soft scrunchy. The style looks like a ballerina-type bun, but really has two practical uses: to help hold and create curls, and to keep your hair smelling clean, away from possibility of sweat. Try it, and be amazed by the hairstyle saving power of a simple style change.

An added bonus of this two-in-one ballerina bun style : in the morning, simply unravel the bun and put a gloss on the ends. 

Keeping Your Hair's Style Overnight, Every Night:

So, you've managed to keep your hair in great shape all day, and eight hours in dreamland threatens everything you've worked for. A couple of simple tips, for both straight and curly style:

For straight hair:  brush your hair before you sleep, and try to keep your hair above your neck. One easy way to do this is to keep your head on a pillow and then flip your hair onto the pillow, so that it doesn't touch your neck. An added bonus is that this also keeps your hair's volume in tact.

For curly hair:  part your hair in half before going to bed and create two very loose braids. Be careful not to make them too tight, or the results will be more crimped than curly. Keeping the soft waves in your hair in place is the purpose of the braids, and they should look a little too loose. After all, they're just acting as a placeholder for your hair.

Fixing Quick Morning Frizz Mishaps:

Even when you somehow keep your hairstyle in place overnight, it usually still needs a quick touch-up. Good news, you have two options based on your hair type:

Straight hair: flat iron where necessary, which, if brushed the night before, is usually just baby hairs at the top of your head, near the part. A simple finish with serum on the ends helps to smooth any dryness or split ends, and just like that, a five minute fix has your ready for your meeting.

Curly hair:  simply spritz your hair with water, a little mouse, hairspray, curl creme, or gel. (Just be sure that if you use gel or mousse, that it is very sparingly, or your hair will appear greasy). To refresh dry-looking curls, use a light gloss, too, on the ends. And shine on.

I hope that you've found a few hairstyle extending tips that work for you. Stay tuned for the next blog, which will feature my favorite hair products for November.

Until next time,