Shrinkies Individual Hair Extensions 2

Shrinkies Hair Extensions


Shrinkies are plastic tubes that are lined with keratin protein. This method of thermal shrink tubing is what attaches individual hairextensions to your own hair. When heat is applied to the shrinkie, the plastic tube shrinks/ becomes smaller and fuses the extension and natural hair creating a bond. Also since the tubes are lined with a protein glue, there is no slippage. The plastic tubes come in clear so that they are most undetectable. This method requires the use of individual "I-Tip" hair extensions. These individual hair extensions are slid into the plastic shrinkies at the root of your hair, and heat is applied, securing the bond. This method lasts approximately 3 months.  

Shrinkies are a durable and long lasting hair extension method. Removal is simple. Simply reheat the bond, remove extension hair and shrinkie and clean any remaining keratin residue with an appropriate removal solution.