Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Looking for frizz-free hair? Whether you have full-out curly locks or straight hair with some unruly fly-aways, a Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be used on every hair type, whether natural or chemically enhanced. Don't worry if you've had other straightening treatments in the past, because the treatment is safe to use with every type of hair condition: from virgin hair, color-treated hair, Japanese Straightened hair, relaxed hair, permed hair, highlighted hair, and even the most difficult of gray hairs.

Do note that the results will last longer on ‘non-virgin’ hair. In other words, porous and damaged hair will hold the Brazilian Keratin Treatment best. Your Brazilian Keratin Treatment will last anywhere from two to four months depending on your hair type. Remember, aftercare is extremely important!

Other than waiting 72 hours to wash your hair after the treatment is completed, you need to have the right shampoo for maintenance. Be sure to use a Sulfate-free shampoo, as sulfates will remove the Keratin.

Ask Christine for recommendations, as she has her favorites and loves to share Brazilian Keratin Treatment maintenance tips.

The Skinny on Brazilian Keratin Treatment for Straight and Shiny Hair:

• Lasts 2-4 months. 
• Safe and effective on all types of hair. 
• Lasts the longest on non-virgin, or treated/porous hair. 
• Be sure to wait 72 hours before washing your hair. 
• Always wash with Sulfate-free shampoo.